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Stop Press - Auto Italia 3 April 2022

Queanbeyan Park

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Pantera Owners Club of Australia Inc.

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The Detomaso Pantera is an Italian supercar that started life in the 1970’s.

The Pantera Owners Club of Australia is a group for the enthusiastic owners of all Detomaso cars. Find out a little more about these cars on the About Detomasos page.

If you wish to get in touch please visit the Contact Us page.

Our links page gives you directions to much of the wide range of information available on the web. Check out the new forum - you need to register to participate

Our events page gives an inkling of what’s on and where you might be able to see a “pride” of Detomasos (Pantera is Spanish for Panther hence a pride is the appropriate collective noun).

And the photo gallery gives you some great supercar shots.

There is now a new page with some thoughts on Detomaso ownership and some cars for sale. Contact Joe if you have a Detomaso for sale or if you are interested in one of these cars.

New shirts now available. Contact Joe ASAP - $67 plus shipping

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